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    We're pleased to introduce the new interface for our Archival Records Management System (ARMS). Immerse yourself in a user-friendly design that enhances navigation and enjoys upgraded features for a smoother experience. Access archival records effortlessly with our responsive design, effective from 1st February 2024. Please scan the displayed QR code for feedback or email us at statedepository@sarawak.gov.my

    Kami ingin memaklumkan tentang paparan baru bagi Archival Records Management System (ARMS). Terokai rekabentuk yang mesra pengguna yang telah ditingkatkan dari segi navigasi dan ciri-ciri fungsian bagi pengalaman menggunakan ARMS dengan lebih lancar. Kini anda mampu mengakses rekod arkib dengan lebih mudah melalui rekabentuknya yang mesra pengguna bermula pada 1 Februari 2024. Sila imbas QR code yang tertera bagi maklumbalas kepada kami atau emel, statedepository@sarawak.gov.my

    ARMS stand for Archival Records Management System is a web based application which helps user to identify and locate archival materials. ARMS contain only information about location of the archival material and not the actual records. Having identified relevant material, a user would usually arrange to visit the repository concerned to consult the documents, or request further information or copies where such services are available. In addition, it also manages reservations as well as retrieval and return of items to or from repository.
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